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Georgette Shawl Cleaning

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Georgette Shawl Cleaning

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Georgette is a type of popular fabric that many are currently choosing, and it is a crinkled, translucent crepe fabric, as it is soft to the touch, and can be bent, and the cobbled appearance of this fabric is due to the slightly twisted threads from which it is made, and the sad part in its use is that this The fabric is easy to stretch and wrinkle; This causes its damage, which can be severe damage, and compared to chiffon fabric, georgette is more durable, but it cannot be sewn easily, and in this article we will learn how to clean georgette fabric, especially shawls, and how to take care of it.

How to clean georgette cloth

Manual cleaning is the best way to wash georgette fabric, despite the strength of this type of fabric, by following these steps:
• Fill a basin with cold water.
• Add a little mild detergent, and stir the water until it is mixed with it.
• Put the clothes made of georgette, and move them gently in the water.
• Take the clothes out of the water, and wring them out to get rid of the excess water.
• Do not tighten the fabric, and squeeze it, because that causes it to change its shape.
• Rinse the clothes with clean water again, and then squeeze out the excess water.
• Lay the clothes on a flat surface, or drying rack, and allow them to air dry completely.
How to care for georgette shawls
Georgette is mostly made of 100% mulberry silk, and therefore the care instructions for georgette shawls are the same as for standard silk shawls, most notably
• Wash the shawls by hand or by machine in cold water on a delicate cycle.
• Avoid using detergents that can dry the fabric, or products that contain bleach, bleach, or softeners.
• Use biodegradable soap.
• Lay the shawls flat and let them air dry.
• Avoid using dryer.
• Iron on a low setting if the shawls are damp to prevent the fabric from drying out.
• not using steam; This is because heat can damage the fibers that make up georgette.

Additional georgette care tips

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when using georgette. Avoid georgette in the sun for long periods of time because it can fade.
• The drying of georgette fabric causes it to wrinkle, because the threads in it are too twisted.
• check the care card; Some georgette items require dry cleaning.
• Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
Benefits of georgette fabric
The use of georgette fabric in various garments, especially shawls, has many benefits, including the possibility of making it from different types of fibers, making its characteristics and wearability different.
• Suitable for people who prefer natural fabrics
• Allow the passage of air, and is suitable for summer or winter weather, and thus the possibility of wearing it all year round.
• High absorbency which makes it dries quickly.
• Strength of the fabric.
• The fabric is wrinkle resistant.
• Georgette is mold and dust resistant, making it easy to store.
• Resistant to allergy.

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